Instagram starts testing for subscriptions: up to $ 100 / month for exclusive content


They left a few hours ago i Instagram subscription test, not to the platform – which is and will remain free – but to the influencer and creator profiles who decide to monetize their following. The signs of November are now confirmed by the facts: Instagram, in practice, has in mind a solution to OnlyFans, a platform that has made subscriptions its business model and that in the height of summer ended up being the protagonist of the controversial and well-known content issue for adults.

The social media of the photos probably wants to try to make this business model its own, from which both the creators and Instagram will gain, although the commission on subscription revenues will not be withdrawn before 2023. And there will also be a gain, not monetary, for the Instagram audience, which in the face of one monthly fee between $ 0.99 and $ 99.99, depending on the choice of the individual influencer, they can obtain confidential content such as exclusive and dedicated live stories, which will guarantee greater opportunities for interaction thanks to a number of spectators which will necessarily be lower compared to public live shows.

The subscription test launched in the United States, in this embryonic stage – or alpha, as Instagram defines it – involves about ten accounts with big but not very big numbers, including the basketball player Sedona Prince in force at the Oregon Ducks, the gymnast Jordan Chiles silver medal in Tokyo 2020 and the astrologer Aliza Kelly. In the coming weeks, the number of accounts involved will be gradually larger; it is not clear the duration of the test and whether the next ones will always be selected within the US panorama.

As can be seen from the pictures, a purple badge will be applied to subscribers which will help the creator to understand who is part of the paying base and who is a “simple” follower. Both Mark Zuckerberg, Meta’s number one, and Adam Mosseri, CEO of the platform, are understandably enthusiastic about the first concrete step towards the large-scale introduction of subscriptions.

“I am happy to create tools that allow creators to monetize creativity and I want to extend the reach of beneficiaries as soon as possible”, said the first, while Mosseri explained that subscriptions are one of the best ways to ensure influencers “a recurring, predictable income”.