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Instagram prepares an important mutation: all videos will be Reels

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The use of videos on instagram is very wide, and all kinds of options are offered: long, short… There is everything. Some users complain about the social network in this section, since it is not at all clear and easy to find what you are looking for. Well, it has been known that the company is working on a change that aims to simplify everything. As an idea, this is quite a good one because everything that makes the use of Instagram more comfortable and intuitive, whether or not you are one of those who publish a lot of things, is positive. Of course, not anything is worth because there may be surprises that are not especially positive when making changes of an important depth such as the one we are talking about. And, the truth is, the implications of it may not be to everyone’s taste. Specifically, what has shaped the firm that is part of the Meta conglomerate is that it intends to convert all the videos that are published into Reels. Therefore, there would be a unique option when it comes to this type of content. Simpler, no doubt, and the idea is that the implementation of this option is completed as soon as possible. So much so, that there are already users who are testing the operation. In this way, unless very serious problems are detected, this decision will be implemented in a short time. This may imply for the creators of Instagram As seen in the previous message – which has been published by a user who has accessed the tests – what is sought is to convert all videos into Reels, as we have indicated. This will ensure that all this type of content is in the same place, which in principle is positive, since everything is centralized (although it would not be a bad idea if there will be some way of indicating whether it is a long or short creation, but this is for watch). But there are obviously important implications in doing this that have to do with the contents of Instagram. We explain ourselves: access to the Reel allows others to use what is included by third parties, such as the soundtrack that exists and, even, anyone can make a remix with it. This is not the case if the account is private, but the impact of what you upload is tremendously less. Therefore, it will be necessary to see if this is maintained because, surely, many creators do not see with good eyes that this can happen with more elaborate videos. Besides, another thing that should be taken into account is the orientation of the videos, since the Reels are designed to be published vertically. So, for example, if you have the idea of ​​making a tutorial with explanations and horizontal images, what would that look like? Come on, there are questions that need answers so that everyone knows how to adapt. Arrival of this new option At the moment nothing is known about it, but if Instagram’s way of working is maintained after the summer, this change can be effective. This, in addition, comes to reaffirm something that not long ago, said the head of Instagram: “this social network is no longer just for sharing photos.” And, it is clear, that the video has more and more weight… it is what has the push of TikTok. >