Instagram prepares a search engine for images

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captura246 730x400.jpg

If Instagram concentrated on an advanced search engine within its platform, it could perfectly compete with YouTube. There are more and more videos on Instagram with tutorials, reviews and other main content on YouTube, but they get lost in the constant flow of information, there is no way to find anything published in the past, unless we spend a good time sliding the finger up.

At the moment there is no intention to change that, but it does seem that there is going to be a significant alteration in the way of finding products.

As can be seen On twitter, some users are enjoying a function that allows them to photograph products to find them in stores, both the same product and other similar ones.

It is shown by the user @ alex193a, although there are other people who indicate that they have already seen that function appear and disappear during the last two months.

It seems that the objective of Instagram is not the same as YouTube, it is not to increase the number of visits and earn money with advertising, but rather to offer an integrated e-commerce experience with millions of stores around the world, although at the moment they are very approximations. timid in some very specific regions.

Be that as it may, Instagram and TikTok are taking over the video market, and although the business model is clearly different from the YouTube model, the number of visits on the Google platform is noticing this new trend of short videos, although in TikTok, with the experience of 3-minute videos, it seems that they want to group more types of audience than they already have now.