Instagram now allows you to embed profile thumbnails

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1638070446 708 descargar historias de instagram.jpg
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Once again, Instagram follows in the footsteps of TikTok. This time, the social network owned by Facebook has announced the launch of a tool called “Embedded Profile”. This feature will allow users to embed a miniature version of their Instagram profile on an external web page.

Until now, Instagram allowed a specific publication to be embedded in external websites, but not a general view of a profile

In this way, platform users will be able to include a sample of their Instagram account in blogs or portfolios, or on any other website that they wish to do so.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, has announced the creation of this new option through a video posted on his Twitter account. At the moment, it has been reported, this “Embedded Profile” tool only available to Instagram users in the United States.

Until now, and for several years now, users could embed specific Instagram posts on external web pages. That is, photos or videos of the profile itself. However, there was no tool that would allow a general view of a profile’s Instagram feed to be included on other websites.

In the same video, Mosseri took the opportunity to present another of the new functions that Instagram has copied from TikTok. This is the ability to reply to comments on posts with Reels. From now on, when a user wants to reply to a comment on a publication, they will see a button that gives them the option of creating a Reels, that is, a short video, in response to it. This video will appear published in sticker format.

The Chinese social network included this functionality last year with the aim of giving its users new possibilities for interaction. In view of the popularity of the idea, Instagram wanted to include this tool on its platform.