Instagram launches reminders for Direct

instagram live
instagram live
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When an Instagram user plans to do a live show, a good idea to ensure a greater audience and participation during the event is to communicate it to followers and possible interested people well in advance.

Until now, it was not possible to show information about the next Directs in the Instagram user’s profile

However, until now, Instagram did not offer any kind of its own tool to help users broadcast their Direct broadcasts or the possibility of sending reminders to interested people.

In fact, many users resorted to publishing content on Instagram in which informed of the future broadcast of the Direct. Many, in addition, also took advantage of 24 hours before the start of it to publish a Story, and even to include the countdown sticker in it, thus generating expectation and making it easier for users to connect at the time of broadcast.

Clearly this was insufficient. This is why Instagram has just launched a feature that will allow users to highlight information about the topic, date and time of a scheduled Direct on their profiles.

With this feature enabled, it will be even easier for fans and followers to sign up for reminders and watch scheduled Lives from their favorite content creators. It will look like this on profiles:

Instagram Live Reminder

Of course, it must be borne in mind that, for the time being, only the scheduled Live closest to the broadcast will be shown on the profile. In any case, Instagram is working to include more options in this regard in the future.

This new tool will eliminate the need to include a post in the feed with scheduled Directs. Many users did so and later deleted that post, once the broadcast had ended.

In any case, whoever wants to make this type of publication, of course, can continue to do so.