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Instagram launches new parental control features in Spain

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Instagram has just launched its teen parental control tools for parents and guardians in Spain. These functionalities have already been available in some countries since the end of last year and are designed to offer support to those who have minors in their care that use this popular social network, so that they can continue to enjoy it but with the security that adequate supervision of their online activity and interactions can provide.

Parents and guardians will be able to verify who the minor follows and who their followers are

In this sense, it is essential that adults in charge of minors be able to know both who the minor follows and who his followers are. In the event that minor Instagram users report any account or publication, their parents or guardians will receive notification of said complaint, including information regarding who has been reported as well as the content that has been the subject of the complaint.

Among other features, Instagram allows you to verify the time that minors spend online each day, being able to set maximum time limits or establish breaks throughout the day. Expanding on this aspect, Instagram is developing the possibility of automatically offering the user advice and suggestions to access other types of content if it is detected that the user spends too much time looking at the same type of content.

To expand the information and resources available, parents and guardians can access the Center for Familieswhere you can find various resources prepared by experts to help both them and minors to enjoy the best Internet browsing experience.

These tools and functions are being developed collaboratively between Instagram and parents, teens, experts, and regulators with the aim of meeting the needs of young people on online platforms.