Instagram joins the wave of Artificial Intelligence: it will have its own chatbot

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Since ChatGPT took the world by storm after its launch in November, almost every tech company has been racing to launch their own AI-powered chatbots in an attempt to stay relevant. And, to this race, it seems that Instagram is added. So it’s no surprise to learn that Instagram is apparently looking into incorporating a chatbot into the popular social media app. With these developments, the aim is to significantly improve the user experience in general and, more specifically, when accessing content that is relevant. The data that points to Instagram Data has been published that makes it very clear that Instagram is working on creating its own chatbot. This, in principle, will be able to perform a good number of services for users, such as answering questions, giving advice and helping to write messages. Not bad, everything must be said. Besides, it seems, the user will be able to choose one of the 30 Artificial Intelligence personalities that the chatbot will be able to have, although no further details on this feature are currently available. This is in line with comments made earlier this year by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta – the company that owns Instagram – when he said his team is “developing AI personalities that can help people in a variety of ways.” “. In the image that we left before this paragraph, there is a very important detail that you should assess: Instagram indicates that the idea is to “add AI to your chats for a more fun and interesting experience.” Of course, the company has not yet confirmed if it is working on this function and, even if it is, there is always the possibility that it will not pass the development stage. Nobody wants to be left without their chatbot With the interest in offering what ChatGPT showed -and that there are signs of diminishing-, it is logical that platforms like Instagram, always in search of new outstanding features, explore its integration. Companies like Snapchat already launched a similar option in February that incorporates ChatGPT into the application and the key is not to be left behind (yes, this last addition has been criticized by some users who find the exchanges “creepy”, while others have expressed concerns of privacy about). The point is, Instagram will undoubtedly carefully explore these issues before considering launching a beta version of its own AI chatbot. Something that, sooner or later, is going to happen in the services of this company and the rest that are in the world of technology. >

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