Instagram increases the length of Stories, and it’s a good idea

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1664282070 222842 1664282125 rrss normal.jpg

Instagram stories have become one of the most important content on the social network. The reason is that they are videos for fast consumption that, for many users and companies, is a way of showing things that do not have much to do with what exists in their feed. Well, the company has announced that it increases its duration. For a long time there are not a few who have complained that 15 seconds, in the end, are too short. And, for this reason, they asked the company to take the step to increase the duration of the Stories. Well, the firm owned by Meta has heard this and has taken the step to increase the time these creations can have. And the truth is that this is not surprising. The reason is that about a year ago the developer Matt Navara discovered inside the application that work was being done to offer this possibility. And, despite the fact that it has taken longer than initially expected, this is already a reality. Of course, it is not necessary to think that these types of creations compete with TikTok. This is still something Reels do within Instagram. How long do Instagram Stories last now? Well, as confirmed by a spokesperson for Meta, which is the company that owns Instagram, what was possible to show in Stories until now is doubled. In other words, creations of up to 60 seconds can be uploaded to the platform. This update is being activated gradually, but in all major markets from today you can take advantage of this possibility. So the restrictions are less and it is now possible to do things with a little more footage. Consequently, the times of having to break something into small pieces may not occur as often. This was not liked by those who are creators and, neither, by users. Therefore, it must be said that the idea of ​​​​Instagram is positive and surely it is accepted with pleasure (since, in addition, it is not mandatory to reach sixty seconds, of course). What to do if you want to post longer videos? Well, the idea on the platform remains unchanged. If what you want is to publish the analysis of something and explain how some specific things are done, obviously sixty seconds are not enough for that. In this case, the best option is to use IGTV, which allows you to post long videos on Instagram and, in truth, is not a bad option compared to YouTube. >

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