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Instagram incorporates “parental control” and more tools for teens

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Instagram has announced a series of tools for teenagers with the aim of improve your security in the use of this social network. These tools also allow greater parental supervision of the use that minors make of the app, being able to establish limits regarding the time of use. Instagram thus launches “parental control” functions to ensure good use by the youngest.

Instagram adds tools that help manage the enjoyment of the social network, such as control of time of use

These tools are already accessible in countries such as Australia, Canada, the United States, Ireland, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, and will begin to be available in the rest of the world from March 2022, being the first version of a series of changes that Instagram wants to keep evolving.

One of the aspects included in these tools has to do with the rest that Instagram will suggest to the user according to usage time patterns that can be configured from the application itself.

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This way, the user will receive an alert with the suggestion that they take a break to complete a pending task, listen to music or do breathing exercises. Here, some margins for daily use are also established, alerting the user when it exceeds it and facilitating the possibility of keeping all notifications from Instagram silenced.


Another tool that will be available from January has to do with the management of the information teenage users share through Instagram, in order to improve control over the content published in the past and that they wish to delete, both images and videos as well as comments and “likes”, thereby enhancing the elimination of the “fingerprint”.

Some of these tools that will arrive in 2022 prevent teens from being named or labeled by users they are not following, as well as they will not be able to receive DM from users they are not following. This is an extension of the restriction already introduced by Instagram to prevent adults from being able to communicate with adolescents through this social network.

teen checks instagram

Finally from Instagram it is announced that they will be stricter with the recommendations made to adolescent users from the sections of Search, Explore, Hashtags and Suggested Accounts

In addition, Instagram has announced the inclusion of a series of educational tools with tutorials and expert advice to help parents maintain a constructive dialogue about social media management with their adolescent children.


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