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Instagram improves use on iPad but does not launch its own app

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Thanks to a new navigation scheme and a more immersive video experience, Instagram has improved the user experience on its website. An improvement that will make it possible to fill a deficiency that for many may be inexplicable after so many years, such as the non-existence of a specific version of the app for iPadOS, the operating system that adapts the ecosystem of mobile devices to the characteristics of Apple’s iPads.

iPad users have two options for accessing Instagram: the iPhone app or a web browser

Instagram has made it clear that the development of a specific application for iPad is not a priority for the platform, so Apple tablet users should follow accessing through the “extended” iPhone app so that it fills the entire screen. The alternative is to access directly from a browser, in the same way as if you were using a computer.

But while on Instagram they dismiss the possibilities of offering a better experience on a larger screen, they at least give the small joy of improving the look and experience with a redesign of the interface itself present on the website.

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Some of the new features include a side navigation bar with links to sections like search, explore, messages, and notifications, a relocation of the previous design that placed these elements at the top of the screen, and somewhat similar to the Twitter aspect. This change of location within the web page makes it possible to expand the space occupied by images and videos in the central and right part of the screen, enhancing the enjoyment of full-screen content on Instagram.

This is an improvement that is especially appreciated on larger screens, such as the iPad, with which in the absence of a specific app for the iPadOS operating system represents a consolation. In addition, it also adds more information and shows it more clearly regarding the function that each of these buttons fulfills, including access to a menu from which different aspects of the account and profile are configured.

However, these changes for the moment are nothing more than a test that they are carrying out from Instagram. On the one hand, not all users are being able to see this redesign from their browsers and, furthermore, they will not necessarily become definitive. From Instagram they remember that they are always working on improvements capable of increasing the satisfaction of their users, not only with browsing but also with the display of content, which includes that immersive experience of displaying content in full screen or, at least, at bigger size.

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