Instagram improves its Notes section: add music and even a translation

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1686672289 520872 1686672634 rrss normal.jpg

It seems that Meta is seriously working on a complete alternative to Twitter that is believed to possibly be part of Instagram. But this does not mean that they continue to improve the products they already have, and this is what has happened with Notes (part of the social network that was born with images as a differential element). Since December, this function has allowed users to share short status updates – and they can include everything from text to emojis. Followers can see this content in their inbox, and the truth is that it is widely used by users. But, from now on and thanks to the incorporation of music, the company led by Mark Zuckerberg will allow more sharing options to be added. The acceptance of this function is so good, that the Meta itself indicates that many adolescents have adopted it as an option for daily use. Consequently, more than 100 million accounts have published a note in the last three months. Nothing bad. How is the new Instagram option From now on you have the possibility to include up to 30 seconds of a song along with a descriptive text. A good option that, surely, more than one will use to send a hidden message to an acquaintance or, simply, to make it clear what song you like the most of the summer. And these are just some examples of the wide possibilities that come. But Instagram has not stopped there in what has to do with the news of the function we are talking about. Thus, from now on, you can now translate the Notes with a single touch. This is most useful, since you don’t have to work hard to know exactly what has been published in a profile that writes in a language that you do not control. More good news from Meta The firm has confirmed that it is working on an “independent decentralized social network” focused on text updates. Reportedly, you’ll be able to log in with your Instagram credentials and fill your profile with details from your existing account. The service will connect to ActivityPub, the network protocol that powers Mastodon. This Meta strategy of expanding its services and exploring new social platforms demonstrates its ability to adapt to user demands. The incorporation of music in Instagram Notes (and the translation service) is a clear example of what we mean. >

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