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Instagram has many gifts for followers to give money to their favorite accounts

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These are the 10 accounts that have the most followers in the Meta social network.

instagram announced that content creators will now be able to earn better income from the app. This with the new update of the ‘gift expansion‘, which allows users to send gifts to the influencers.

Adam Mosseridirector of the application indicated through a video in Twitter that, “This week we’re launching giveaways for creators in the US. Now, in November, I talked about how we were experimenting with a lot of different ways to help creators make a living on Instagram, and one of those ways was giveaways.” .

And he affirmed that as of this week, all the creators in the USA they will have access to the gifts, which they can activate on all their reels, past, present and future.

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“Your fans, whether they’re in the US or not, will be able to purchase star-studded gifts, right there in the app. So the way this works is if you’re looking at a reel from a creator who has turned on gifting, in the bottom left corner they’ll have a little button that you can use to buy a gift,” he highlighted.

The director indicated that people can recharge their balance with stars, with which they can buy the gifts they want and send them to the creator to create an approach. With this, content creators will be able to activate the giveaways and once they reach a certain balance, they will be able to cash them out for real money.

“Now we start by rolling this out to all creators in the US and to viewers around the world, and we hope to expand to creators around the world as quickly as possible,” Mosseri said, assuring that they are looking into the possibilities of expanding it. in Latin America, so that They can also start earning money this way.

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The social network has stories that last 60 seconds.

The social network has stories that last 60 seconds.

Two Factor Authentication

Protecting your Instagram account turned out to be an important factor within the app, and now, there is a chance that you will have your account in the app very safe. According to the company, “two step authentication protects your account by requesting a code if a login attempt is detected from a device we don’t recognize.”

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To turn on two-factor authentication, you can click More at the bottom left, then Settings, then head over to the Privacy & Security part of the menu on the left. There you can scroll down to “Two-Step Authentication” and then click Edit Two-Step Authentication Settings. “Choose the security method you want to add and follow the instructions that appear on the screen,” they said.

When you set up two-step authentication on Instagram, you’ll be asked to choose one of three security methods, such as ‘Authenticator App’, where you can download an authenticator app, such as DuoMobile either Google Authenticatorto receive login codes.

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“We recommend that in this security method you can add multiple connected devices to your account so that all of them can receive login codes (…) two-step authentication using an authenticator app can only be activated from the authenticator app. Instagram for iPhone and Android”, he indicated.

Likewise, they can use text messages and a message to their WhatsApp account, where users will receive a warning message when someone is logged into their account and they will also be sent the code to access their account.

“Once you’ve turned on two-factor authentication, you’ll be able to view login prompts and remove trusted devices. If you lose access to your phone or email address and are unable to receive login codes, you will be able to use a backup code to log in.”

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