Instagram for iOS announces control of sensitive content

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We must protect minors from certain content that circulates on the internet, and for this we have parental control. But the most important thing is to educate and that when they have a certain freedom they are aware of whether they want to see a certain type of content. Thus Instagram for iOS has introduced a new control of sensitive content.

This control will allow those over 18 to choose if they want to see more or less sensitive content. To do this, simply access the account and the option Sensitive content control choose between three options: Allow, Limit and Limit further.

Instagram for iOS has introduced a new control of limited sensitive content for minors

By default Instagram will have the Limit option activated, option in which it is possible to see some photos or videos that could be annoying or offensive. On the other hand, in the first option, more videos of this nature will be seen and in the last option, practically no images or videos that may be offensive will be seen.

What Instagram is looking for is that the use of your app is more in line with the interests of the users. In fact, they want each user to turn the application into their own app, being able to disable comments and even restricting interaction between users.

Y protection of minors is important, so the Allow option, that is, the ability to view sensitive photos and videos will not be available for this age group.

The most lax option to view content will be available only if you are over 18 years old

Instagram has always been very sensitive to content and in fact no “hate speech, harassment or other content that may represent a risk to people ”. Not to mention the controversial topic of female nipples on Instagram.

Despite these intrinsic restrictions to the app itself, there may be content that for certain users it may be inappropriate. The solution is simple and has been put into practice by Instagram. Instead of reporting the content and no one can enjoy it, the user restricts it for their account and everyone is happy.