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Instagram down, reports of malfunctions are growing | In resolution

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It seems that instagram is experiencing difficulties again judging by the growing number of reports that the site Downdetector is gathering in these minutes. The maximum number of reports reached 20,000 at the worst time.

At present the map shows that the problem is hitting more areas in Italy like wildfire, and although the situation is unclear, at the moment several users complain of feed update problems in mobile and desktop environments. In other cases the application closes by itself or goes to freeze, but the real reason is not known at the moment and the company has not pronounced itself.

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Crashes seem to affect iOS and Android versions only, especially when trying to view Stories. At the moment the other Meta applications seem to be working properly.

We will continue to monitor the situation in the hope that the problem will be resolved quickly, but in the meantime let us know in the comments if you too have been affected by the malfunction.

UPDATE: UNDER resolution


It seems that the problem is coming back judging from the drastically decreasing reports, but since this is not a malfunction that has affected everyone it is difficult to assess at the moment the real entity of the afflicted users.

Most of our iOS and Android devices now no longer show abrupt application closures and everything seems to be working fine again. Let us know in the comments if everything is back to normal for you too.

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