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Instagram changes the course of the Stories: here’s how they will be with the upcoming news

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stories are the heart of instagram, the element that marked its success and made it one of the reference social platforms globally (it is estimated that it currently has 2 billion users). And if the development team is working on a feature that aims to make the static grid of the profile more fluid and flexible, it is no surprise to discover that there are important news in the pipeline also for the Stories.

In fact, in Turkey and Brazil some users have received an update that “upsets” the flow of the Stories. In fact, Instagram has decided to overturn its use, introducing vertical scrolling instead of horizontal scrolling (the one with which almost all users still have to deal with): the clip you find in the Tweet below clearly shows the change .

Tapping the left or right side of the screen will still allow you to scroll through the Stories of the user you are currently viewing. But it is the vertical scrolling that allows you to quickly switch from one user to another, thus making it easier and faster to use the feed. With this change, therefore, Instagram squeezes once again to TikTok, which offers precisely this navigation mode.

We do not know when the vertical scrolling of the Stories will also come to us, since Instagram has not yet made any official communication about it: in any case, considering that the reports already come from two different regions (Turkey and Brazil, as mentioned), it is to be expected that the novelty will gradually reach other markets in the coming days.

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