Instagram brings a new option to make Reels with friends

Instagram explained the changes to prevent young people from having a hard time on the social network. Since the creation of TikTok the Instagram platform did not want to be left behind, and implemented its new section of Reels in the app which is very similar to what the short videos app does. With this new implementation comes tools that can help create videos.

With this new implementation comes tools that can help create videos. According to the app, they are expanding remix tools to help improve the way content creators tell their stories.

The social network assured that these functions “make it more fun and easy to collaborate, create and share reels on Instagram”, and that it is currently being used by several of the influencers in the application to increase your views and receive more likes.

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reel tools

If an in-app user is starting to make content, these can be one of the tools that can help you grow within Instagram, and possibly get more in-app followers:

On the one hand, there are the remix for photos”, as photos are essential to the Instagram experience. Now with this mechanism you can make a remix of public photos and that you can publish in single reel mode.

Another of the tools that is available in the application is that you will be able to have more remix layouts, with this you could have a green screen, a horizontally or vertically split screen. As well as picture-in-picture reaction playback to add your own commentary to existing video reels.

More ways to collaborate

In order to have more interaction within the platform, the application enabled the possibility of easily creating reels with templates and Dual“We want everyone to be able to easily express their creative ideas, so we’re adding more features to capture, edit and share them.”

Within the tools are templates, where people will find videos that allow you to easily create reels by pre-loading audio markers and clips, so all you have to do is add your own photos or video clips.

And the Dual option, where people record content and their reaction at the same time. “With the Dual function of the Instagram camera, you can record using the phone’s front and rear cameras simultaneously and thus share another perspective,” they highlighted from the application.

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The social network has stories that last 60 seconds.

The social network has stories that last 60 seconds.

Video posts are shared as reels

Since Reels offer an immersive and entertaining way to watch and create videos on Instagram, they also brought these full-screen experience and tools to video posts. New posts with video less than 15 minutes long will be shared as reels. “Videos posted before this change will remain as videos and will not become reels,” they said.

On the other hand, Instagram announced that content creators will now be able to have better income in the application. This with the new update of the ‘gift expansion‘, which allows users to send gifts to the influencers.

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Adam Mosseridirector of the application indicated through a video in Twitter that, “This week we’re launching giveaways for creators in the US. Now, in November, I talked about how we were experimenting with a lot of different ways to help creators make a living on Instagram, and one of those ways was giveaways.” .