Instagram begins testing its bottom navigation bar without the purchase button

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instagram 3.jpg

While other social platforms have been beefing up their e-commerce features, Instagram is starting to do the opposite.

The Information publication, based on an internal Instagram memo, was already advancing earlier this month on twist in the commercial strategy of the social platform owned by Metapointing out that in March 2023 it will no longer have the purchase button integrated into the navigation bar.

Yet another change of course

Now, as some users have been pointing out at different points on the web, Instagram is testing removing the buy button from the bottom navigation bar in the feed main, putting in its place a new tab for notifications.

The shopping function is found in this test more deeply in the application, and must be accessed through a secondary menu where it will be together with other options, such as access to configuration options, among other aspects.

It is expected that the personalized shopping page will also be replaced by a shopping page that offers a much lower level of customization, and that it will come to be called “Tab Lite”, according to the aforementioned publication, pointing out that Instagram hopes to get an increase in its income through advertising.

A representative of the company is confirming to some media that the test has been carried out, which, as usual, a small group of platform users have been included, excusing themselves in the search for a simplified Instagram experience.

And it is that, as is already known, one of the pending tasks in Instagram is to put order in its interface after having grown in benefits in recent years, although there has also been so much confusion, that over time it has had to do without some of them, like IGTV, in favor of Reels, their big bet to face the unstoppable push of TikTok.

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