Instagram becomes much more personal: launches new channels for creators

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1676628614 780023 1676628654 rrss normal.jpg

The behavior that Meta has with Instagram is still curious. It gives some lurches that does not make much sense that, on the one hand, aim to return to basics and, on the other, to expand its options with functions that did not exist before (and that were hardly expected). One example is the new creator channels that have been announced for the platform. From the hand of Mark Zuckerberg himself, this new option for Instagram has become official, although initially it will only be available in the US -and right now for a small number of creators- and then it will spread to the rest of the regions where Instagram is present. Come on, the usual way of proceeding from Meta in recent times is used. What without the Channels for Instagram creators? The objective they have is to offer direct communication between the creators and their followers. In this way, the former will be able to show things that are supposedly interesting for the latter to see. Of course, there will be a limited capacity for interaction, since it will not be possible to respond to the publications (the only thing that will be possible at first is to answer surveys as long as you have access to the channel). It is important to mention that, to have access to the Channels for creators, they have to accept you and, even, there may be content that only paid followers can view. One more point so that there is that increasingly evident difference in social networks so that those who spend are more special. Gone are the times when the content was the main thing and it could be seen by everyone without class details. It seems that Elon Musk has influenced all the companies that have platforms of this type. With what has been indicated, it is quite clear that they are the Instagram Channels: practically a copy of those that exist on Telegram (very few expected that they would land on this social network, things as they are). Therefore, it is expected that its operation is similar and that it serves to optimize the options that creators have to generate specific content for followers and that they can therefore increase the monetization of what they do. It is already a reality… that it will expand As we have indicated, the deployment on Instagram has begun, but in a very contained way. In addition, it has been made clear that this new option will also end up being part of Facebook or Messenger. Nothing has been indicated by Meta about WhatsApp, and the truth is that it would make all the sense in the world for it to be part of the messaging application -in order to be able to compete much better with Telegram-. We’ll see what finally happens. >

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