Instagram and TikTok among the most downloaded social networks in Latin America, this is the complete list

One of the factors that take into account the social networks to define if they are being successful among the users from around the world is to determine how many downloads they have on their cell phones or devices mobile of people, in addition to comparing these figures with those corresponding to other platforms within the same period of time.

A study carried out by the company, called State of Mobile 2023 and which collects different metrics on the performance of social media applications globally in different markets and countries, identified that during the year 2022 Instagram and TikTok they occupied the first two places in terms of downloads for devices that have the operating systems of iOS and Android.

According to the report, the four applications that had the most downloads after the two already mentioned are Facebook and WhatsApp followed by Snapchat and Telegram. The Messenger, Twitter, Pinterest and Kwai platforms complete the list of the ten most prominent platforms in terms of downloads in the world.


Most downloaded social media applications in the world and Latin American countries. (Capture)

Most downloaded social media applications in the world and Latin American countries. (Capture)

However, the order of the applications and their preferences changes in the breakdown of the downloads corresponding to the markets of each country in Latin America. While globally Instagram ranks first, in Mexico appears in the fourth position as in Peruin second place in Argentina and ChiliMeanwhile in Colombia ranks third.

Furthermore, in all countries of Latin America that are mentioned in the study (with the exception of Brasi) TikTok appears in the first location above other common ones like WhatsApp and Facebook. For his part, Twitter it appears in all the countries referenced between position 8 and 10 of each of the territories except Canada, where it does not even rank in the top 10.

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Consumer Spending and App Collections

Although platforms like Facebook, instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger and others are completely free and free to download for users, others like TikTok apply a method of collecting money based mainly on the microtransactions to acquire coins or make donations to the content creators of each platform.

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In that sense TikTok he also dominates the collection statistics. Although the document State of Mobile 2023 does not offer an exact estimate of how much money is collected in this way, it has been established that at least in this application the 22.1% of the revenue corresponds to one-time purchases of 16,500 coins, which is equivalent to a single payment of $249.99.

Social network applications with more consumer spending in the world and Latin American countries. (Capture)

Social network applications with more consumer spending in the world and Latin American countries. (Capture)

On the other hand, the most common transactions are those that correspond to obtaining 330 coins in exchange for $4.99, which corresponds to 8.4% of the income generated by the application.

Thus, TikTok is crowned in all the registered markets of Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Chile and Peru) in the first place of preference in terms of user spending, surpassing even advanced platforms of streaming as twitchwhich ranks third in the world and second in Mexico, Argentina and Chili.

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Even Facebook appears as part of the platforms on which consumers spend, probably because of its platform for gaming and live broadcasts, in addition to discordwhich offers benefits for public channels with the donation of money within the platform.

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