Instagram and sensitive content, there are news for filters: what changes

Last July, Instagram introduced some changes to give users more control over the management of sensitive content, allowing you to limit them to your liking. And now with a post on its official blog, the social network has made it known that in the coming weeks these tools, which until now only interested the Explore section, will be expanded to more areas of the app.

To understand what it is, exactly, it is best to first take a step back and recap what changes were implemented last year. Basically, users can choose between three options:

  • Allow: You may see multiple photos and videos which may be annoying or offensive
  • Limit (default): You may see some videos and photos which may be annoying or offensive
  • Limit even more: You may see fewer photos and videos that may be annoying or offensive

What changes, then? Simple: these same optionsas mentioned at the beginning, from now on they will also take effect beyond the Search section and therefore they will serve to instruct the algorithm on our preferences regarding sensitive contents also nand the Reels. in the Accounts section and on the hashtag page.

To change these parameters, simply touch your thumbnail at the bottom right of the app, then the three horizontal lines at the top right to open the hamburger menu and here select “Settings”> “Account” and finally “Control sensitive content “.

The definition of “sensitive content” on Instagram is wide, and can be consulted at this link: in addition to posts that are sexually explicit or suggestive and those that refer to violence or drug use, the contents they promote are also classified as sensitive. tobacco, vape products and some that show some cosmetic procedures (tattoos can get in the way too).

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