Instagram and Facebook Messenger allow you to create common group chats

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You can now create chats on Facebook Messenger and Instagram that are used interchangeably from both applications. Users will be able to participate in the same chat and receive messages and respond to them in a common communication space that they will access from both applications.

Facebook maintains interest in achieving joint communication between its three platforms WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger

The accounts they have created on each of these platforms will continue to function separately and independently, but now the possibility is added that a group communication initiated in Facebook Messenger can also include users of Instagram accounts, and vice versa.

This means adding to Instagram some of the possibilities that were already present in the Facebook instant messaging app, as it is integrated into this new connection that will facilitate joint connection, without users having to worry about jumping from one platform to another.

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This connection between both platforms will allow other actions to be developed in addition to conversations, such as the possibility of creating internal polls in group chats. From now on they will be able to include both Instagram and Facebook Messenger users indistinctly, and they will also release visual sections such as themes, which could also be used interchangeably between the two platforms to customize the appearance of the chats.

Chat polls

The “merger” between the private communications of both platforms is a consequence of the work carried out by Facebook to integrate the communication system of Facebook, Instagram and also WhatsApp.

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Integrating communications is a strategy for Facebook that allows it to anticipate a possible future mandate from the competition regulatory authorities that would force it to separate its three applications.

In that case, Facebook could argue that the integration between the three platforms has reached a point such that it is no longer possible. make communication independent again only among the users of each platform, thereby reinforcing a kind of de facto monopoly of cross-platform instant messaging.