Instagram adds DMs to its Windows 10 app

Instagram has updated its official Windows 10 app to include direct messaging (as spotted by Windows Central). The app is Instagram’s new PWA (progressive web app) for the Windows Store and it’s available to download now.

PWAs are a good thing as their development closer mirrors that of its web client, meaning desktop users shouldn’t be left too long without important features when they’re introduced elsewhere. DMs still aren’t available if you access Instagram through a web browser, though.

But most annoyingly, you can’t upload photos via the web browser – it’s still restricted to mobile. That will be frustrating for people who like to edit photos on their PCs and then upload them directly to Instagram that way.

The cynical (read: completely accurate) take would to be to suggest Instagram forces you onto the mobile app to post because it’s the stickiest way to use Instagram and therefore the best and most profitable way to advertise to you. If the Facebook-owned company had it it’s way, we’d wager the Windows 10 app wouldn’t even exist. So at least it does, for now.

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