Inno3D Introduces Graphics Card Design That “Hides” GeForce RTX 4070, 4060 Ti, and More Cables

Inno3D Introduces Graphics Card Design That
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Inno3D, renowned manufacturer of custom hardware, presented on Monday (19) a new design for video cards that promises to make the inside of your cabinet look cleaner and more organized. For this, the new products will come with a power connector facing the motherboard, located on the lower back.

There is a removable cover that makes the 8-pin connector easy to access and maintain. After installing the power cable, simply insert the cover so that the connector is “hidden” on the bottom of the graphics card, ensuring a cleaner appearance for the case and simplifying cable management in the computer build.

(Image: Inno3D)

The Chinese manufacturer’s proposal is to benefit users who have started to manage the cables of their cases with a focus on aesthetics and organization. In addition to giving a polished look, the connector facing the motherboard allows the video card power cable not to be confused with the other internal connections of the computer.

This design is ideal for beginners in building a PC. One of the biggest difficulties in installing new components in your own computer – whether gamer or casual – is the abundance of power cables. According to Inno3D, the project should be adopted by other manufacturers to support this and other audiences.

The design will be available on the GeForce RTX 4070, RTX 4060 Ti and RTX 4060 in their “Twin X2 / OC White Edition” versions customized by Inno3D. It is possible that the technology will be adapted for other models, such as the GeForce RTX 4080 and 4090. The accompanying power cables have colors that match the video cards.

For now, the manufacturer has not revealed prices and availability date.

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