Infinity Ward will make several changes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II after beta

Infinity Ward has confirmed that it will make several changes to Call of Duty Modern Warfare II after the public test.

The beta period started early on PlayStation consoles and was then followed by a cross-play test with players on Xbox and PC. You can check out our impressions here.

Despite tweaking footstep volume and enemy visibility over the test period, Infinity Ward acknowledged that more changes needed to be made.

She says that over the weekend, even though the step volume was tweaked in the second beta weekend, players remained dissatisfied and it will be necessary to find a balance until launch.

Another point cited by Infinity Ward is visibility. Despite the improvements made in the period, the developer emphasizes that it will make changes so that players can better identify their enemies.

The developer also says that it has noticed an issue with lobbies being emptied in the beta and will think of an active solution to address the issue. She also mentioned that she was very pleased with the changes made to weapon balance in the beta, but promised more changes in the future.

Activision revealed that the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II beta was a record in the series, becoming the largest in the franchise in number of players, hours played and number of matches between PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

Reproduction: Infinity Ward.