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Infinity Cube, the cube that will eliminate your stress

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This cube will help you to end the stress you experience at work, school or in your own home, goodbye to stress!


Today we are subjected to different levels of stress in the tasks we perform. It doesn’t matter if they are personal or professional, we are used to a fairly hectic pace of life in which everything is “for yesterday”. Technology does not ignore these types of situations and that is precisely why gadgets have been created to cope with the stress you experience every day.

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The last “remedy” to come to light It is called “Infinity Cube” and is focused on adults. In appearance it is very similar to the popular Rubik’s cube how hard it was to put together when we were kids. Unlike that game full of colors, this presentation is only made up of mini cubes gray and black. These mini cubes rotate back and forth.


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In the case of the Rubik’s cube, you had to break your head to get it together in its entirety. Now things have changed as the Infinity Cube will disarm and arm automatically. When it comes to manipulating it, it is when de-stress occurs, since itthe interaction of your fingers with the cube produces a feeling of relaxation. Best of all, it will not distract you from what you are doing, as your other hand will be free.

This interesting gadget it is made of brass, aluminum and fiber. It has some dimensions of 4 x 4 cm. So yes, you can take it everywhere without the risk of it breaking due to a blow or fall.

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What is more than clear is that the innovations that are coming out every day make our lives much easier. Telcel is the clear example of this, since it gives us the possibility to keep in touch at any time and place. What do you think of this gadget? Do you need one in your life?

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