Industry starts investing in smartphones with more RAM, says rumor

Industry starts investing in smartphones with more RAM, says rumor
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According to Digital Chat Station, the new RAM standard for new devices may be 24 GB. It is worth remembering that most smartphones nowadays come with around 8GB to 16GB of RAM, which is enough for most of the tasks we perform on our phones. In the case of gaming phones like the Red Magic 7 Pro, the memory can reach up to 18 GB.

The leaker on Weibo does not point to a specific model or brand, but mentions “Oga”, which is supposedly the name of the entity that groups the OnePlus, OPPO and Realme brands. Adding more credence to this is the mention of Color OS in the post, with the platform powering OnePlus and OPPO in China. Meanwhile, Realme UI is effectively a slightly modified version of Color OS.

Having more RAM is good because it allows for better multitasking and access to advanced features, but it also means more expensive components, which consequently make the devices more expensive. Brands are truly spartan these days when it comes to memory management, inevitably killing apps in the background, although 12GB to 16GB of RAM is available in many flagship phones.

In review, the Android Authority argues that phone makers aren’t making the most of the RAM they already have. In tests, the portal claims that 8 GB to 12 GB of RAM was ideal and that 16 GB of RAM was overkill. Thus, models with 24 GB would not bring practical differences to consumers if brands did not change their behavior.

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