Indiana Jones: Bethesda confirms the game will be exclusive to Xbox

Indiana Jones: Bethesda confirms the game will be exclusive to Xbox
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Update (05/23/2023) – GS

The Xbox news is in full swing this week, thanks to the judgment of the lawsuit filed by the US Federal Trade Commission to try to block Activision Blizzard’s merger with Microsoft.

We recently learned that Microsoft intends to bring future releases from ZeniMax Media to the PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, but to the dismay of many, the Indiana Jones game is not part of those plans.

Announced in early 2021, the Indiana Jones game developed by Bethesda has Todd Howard as an executive producer. Last year, rumors swirled that it might not be exclusive to the Xbox ecosystem, but this week, Microsoft confirmed the exclusivity.

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The exclusivity was confirmed by Pete Hines, Xbox’s head of publishing, on Thursday in his court testimony during the first day of Microsoft’s legal battle with the FTC.

Hines was asked by FTC attorneys to confirm whether, before Bethesda was acquired by Microsoft, Disney had a signed agreement with its parent company ZeniMax to “make an Indiana Jones game for multiple consoles”, to which he replied “yes”.

The head of publishing was then asked to confirm whether, following the Microsoft acquisition, Disney had raised the issue of which consoles the Indiana Jones game would be released. Hines replied again, “yes”.

He then confirmed that Bethesda subsequently amended Disney’s contract and that Indiana Jones will now be exclusive to Xbox and PC, as well as co-release on Xbox Game Pass.

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We don’t know what the impact of these Bethesda exclusives will be on the FTC’s judgment, but it’s curious that this information hasn’t been made public yet, needing a judgment like this to be revealed.

What other exclusivity cards does Xbox still have up its sleeve?

Update (05/30/2022) – GS

Indiana Jones: Game developed by Bethesda may not be exclusive to Xbox

Ever since Microsoft announced its acquisition of Bethesda, many PlayStation and Nintendo gamers have been fearful for the future of the company’s games, as they might go the way of Starfield and become Xbox exclusives.

While Bethesda representatives have left open the possibility of releasing the games on other platforms, we still don’t know if that will actually happen.

In January 2021, Bethesda announced a partnership with Lucasfilm to produce an Indiana Jones game. To the delight of fans, it appears that the project will not be exclusive to Xbox and PC.

In an interview with the Xbox Two podcast, Windows Central’s Jez Corden revealed that he heard about a year ago that the game won’t be an Xbox exclusive, even though it’s being developed by Machine Games, a studio owned by Microsoft.

When discussing the game, Rand al Thor, co-host of the podcast, was doubtful about the exclusivity, but Corden reinforced his opinion.

The only information I have about Indiana Jones is that it’s not exclusive, but that was a long time ago, maybe something has changed.

In a few days, Bethesda will hold a joint presentation with Microsoft to reveal news of its games. Can we wait for news about the Indiana Jones game?

Recently, Disney revealed the first poster and release date for the hero’s fifth film, which made fans even more anxious.

Original text – 01/12/2021

Bethesda announces production of Indiana Jones game with director of Skyrim and Fallout 4

Bethesda announced today that it will release a new Indiana Jones game in partnership with Lucasfilm. The news was shared on the official page of the developer on Twitter and the company has even released a teaser to announce the production.

According to Bethesda, the game based on the classic movie is already in development by one of its studios, MachineGames. The producer also highlighted that Todd Howard – known for directing games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 – will be part of the team as an executive producer.

The video published on the social network passes through a work table to show several books and documents scattered around. At the end, Indiana Jones’ hat is shown, which is removed from the scene to reveal his famous whip.

Despite having already released the teaser, however, the producer stressed that “it will take some time” before more information can be revealed, so it may take a few months until more details about the next game based on Indiana Jones are released.

When released, it is possible that the game will hit stores as an exclusive title for Microsoft consoles, as Xbox CFO Tim Stuart has commented on the possibility of Bethesda games being available, temporarily, only for Xbox devices. company.

So, are you looking forward to another game based on Indiana Jones? Comment with us in the space below.

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