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India court demands that Google allow the uninstallation of native Android apps

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Google routinely faces lawsuits from both governments and private companies accusing big tech of all sorts of reasons. Recently, the US company asked the Supreme Court of India to review a decision taken by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), but the request was rejected by the highest authority.

As stated in a report issued by the CCI, Google would have taken advantage of smartphone manufacturers by forcing them to offer certain applications on their devices. Google Mobile Services (GMS), including native apps like YouTube, Photos, Drive, and more.

According to reports, India’s mobile phone market is dominated by Android phones which holds a whopping 97% of the market share in the country. This indicator shows that Google is very strong in the country in terms of mobile operating systems, crushing competitors like Apple and others with proprietary interfaces.

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Despite the petition made by big tech, the Supreme Court maintained the opinion of the CCI extending until January 26 the deadline for Google to make the necessary changes in order to adapt to what was determined by the Commission, which also imposed a fine equivalent to the $161 million, according to Reuters.

Among the demands imposed by the Competition Commission of India is the need for Google to stop making the use of Android conditional on the licensing of the Play Store’s native application store. The entity also wants to include the possibility for Indian users to uninstall native system apps.

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