Increase your level of malware protection with CleanMyMac

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CleanMyMac has always focused on trying to protect your Mac as much as possible. So having its X version for some years now, it has not stopped protecting you in every way. Now it comes even more updated with the suspicious applications section, which will be reflected in the Uninstaller and scan for malware.

suspicious applications

the section Uninstaller will now include the Suspect division. Due to the case of the Russia-Ukraine situation, it is possible that multiple applications coming from Russia and Belarus seek to take advantage. These types of applications have sufficient powers to infect your computer, putting your entered data at risk, although fortunately CleanMyMac took action on the matter. Now you will have all the facility to completely remove this type of application and contribute a little to the situation of these countries with the global boycott.

Process for suspicious apps and apps from Russia

The data handling for these two countries is quite different from the rest of the world. For Russia and Belarus the data management permissions is much easier to access, so practically any type of private data can be obtained even if the user has not given the appropriate permissions. This implies that your data could fall into the hands of applications located in one of these countries without you really knowing it.

Even if a developer from such countries is not directly supporting such acts, they may be doing so indirectly. The danger is always present when it comes to your data and privacy, since any user can be an easy target. If you have a legacy app, you can’t let it go lightly, since spying, data theft or even damage to your Mac can happen at any time. Proven data indicates that only in the period of last year and this year, the number of cyberattacks continues to increase.

CleanMyMac as a search engine for suspicious applications

The CleanMyMac process is mainly based on the Uninstaller or Uninstaller section. With it you can examine the internal IDs in the applications you download, so it visualizes its origin, filtering applications.

The implementation team, MacPaw, is responsible for make an exhaustive list in which they frame the suspicious applications or those that are directly harmful for the user. In this way, CleanMyMac X can check if these applications are found on your Mac.

It should be noted that the team in charge works hard to have only applications considered harmful on this list, so that apps of reliable origin can be protected from being filtered by the program. For this, they are constantly informed by experts and secure opinions of developers

This type of work is not without errors, so in case one occurs and some reliable application leaks, you can let the MacPaw team know of said bug. If you are also a developer you can report this by entering your application to the list of trusted apps. As they are updated, the criteria to consider safe applications will be made public.

CleanMyMac also helps you remove Malware

Malicious files or malware can show up on even the most powerful, latest and most cautious computer. No matter under what concept, as a user you must always be aware that your Mac is not left unprotected when it comes to malware. Then now CleanMyMac X offers you the possibility of analyzing your computer to detect any type of malicious file that wants to infect it.

The entry of the Malware Module for Mac allows you to detect multiple attempts to infect your computer. It is quite common for malicious applications to seek to improve their camouflage, making it quite difficult to detect a normal application. Nevertheless this software is now well prepared to be able to analyze any type of harmful file from malware, adware to ransomware. You can repeat this scanning process constantly, doing it periodically with CleanMyMac.

As well as the list of safe and suspicious applications, the team in charge of CleanMyMac constantly and carefully checks to keep the malware database updated. In this way, any minimal attempt to infect or suspicious movement by the applications will be fully detected by the software. Thus, at all times you can be calmer, having your computer protected.