Increase the strength of the WiFi to have better coverage: good or bad idea?

You may have often thought about changing the router offered by the operator for another that offers us more options and possibilities and Maybe you have ever wondered if it is worth having more that the signal reaches all the rooms correctly and that you can connect at a good speed from anywhere in the house. But, will having more power make us have better WiFi coverage? We explain it.

If you are concerned about the coverage of all the rooms, you may have thought about improving the power of your router by betting on a new one and changing the one that the company has by default. Many routers allow you to modify the maximum power from its settings if we enter the advanced configuration mode

How to improve the power of the router

It will depend on the router that we have to follow some steps or others, but generally we can do it, as we say, from the router settings. We can generally access the IP address from the browser and we must take into account that not all devices allow us to improve the power from the settings and we must first make sure that it is possible. Most routers will not allow us to change the power so it is not a suitable resource for everyone.

Once you have it clear, the steps that we must follow are almost always similar, although they will depend on our router:

  • Go to the browser and write in the address bar
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The IP address can change depending on each one but generally this will almost always be the address that we must use to access the router.

  • Enter your username and password on the device
  • Look in the settings where it indicates “advanced mode” or “expert mode”
  • Once here, search the choice of WiFi or WLAN

We must also take into account that we may find this option with different names and that it puts WLAN or Wi-Fi but also “Wireless connection” and it will depend on the interface of each brand or each model.

When we have reached this point, we must search between the two network options if it has them and we choose the one that interests us. We can look for the “signal strength” section and here we will see different buttons or a drop-down menu that allows us to activate or deactivate it, increase it, etc. As we said, it will depend on the model or the brand that is seen in one way or another and it may be a button or a drop-down or a slider bar or simply that this option does not appear in the settings.

Once we have done this, we confirm and save.

Will the coverage improve?

Improving the power could improve the coverage but not the speed with which we connect, we must take this into account. Increasing the power in the points closest to the router will be useless or you will not notice it practically at all, but in the most distant points you will be able to connect to the Internet with a less weakened signal.

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There are also other aspects and options that are a better bet to improve coverage: A better idea when it comes to improving coverage is to bet on a router that offers us more than the one we have from the operator and that has more antennas that allow more coverage. In addition, other solutions involve installing a mesh network or WiFi Mesh that uses different nodes or stations in the house to multiply the signal and take it where it does not arrive intelligently.

O well, use wifi extenders conventional that what they will do is extend the signal to the rooms where the WiFi coverage does not reach itself for you to connect.