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In the Eurovision with songs generated by artificial intelligence Australia has won: this is how its theme sounds

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songs-generated-by-Artificial-intelligence-australia.jpeg" alt="In the Eurovision with songs generated by artificial intelligence Australia has won: this is how its theme sounds" />

The next Daft Punk is perhaps an AI. But to find it, it takes a push. This is what they wanted to do with the ‘AI Song Contest’, a television contest inspired by Eurovision where 13 teams have participated representing different countries in which they have proposed songs generated by artificial intelligence. The result? He has won the Australian “group” ‘Uncanny Valley’ with his song ‘Beautiful the World’.

Eurovision 2020 has been cancelled by the pandemic, but the Dutch channel VPRO has wanted to take advantage of the format to launch this alternative version and explore the creative possibilities of artificial intelligence. A project with a surprising result and at the same time it anticipates a future where songs are directly generated by algorithms.

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And the 12 points go to …

Ai Song Eurovision

The participating countries have been Australia, France, Germany, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Sweden, some of them represented by a couple of teams. Belgian comedian Lieven Scheme has been commissioned to present this ‘AI Song Contest’. The jury included Vincent Koops, composer and expert in artificial intelligence, Anna Huang, a researcher in music generation by artificial intelligence and Ed Newton-Rex, composer and director of the AI ​​Lab of ByteDance, company behind the popular TikTok application.

The voting ended on May 10 and has been sponsored by the Eurovision organization itself, who has decided to advertise it on their own networks.


As described by the organization itself, the ‘AI Song Contest’ is “a public project that investigates the creative abilities of artificial intelligence and its impact. To generate new music, AI models (like a human composer) have to “listen” to large amounts of existing music (data) before they can generate meaningful musical ideas. Therefore, teams will work with existing data and newly created data. ”

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Uncanny valley

And the winner? It was the Australian team ‘Uncanny Valley’, referring to the concept of the disturbing valley. The song ‘Beautiful the World’ was written by the AI ​​and trained with samples of koalas, kookaburras and Tasmanian devils.

This is how it sounds:

In the second position was the German group ‘Dadabots x Portrait XO’ with his song “I’ll Marry You, Punk Come”, a mix of death metal sounds along with Gregorian chants.

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Speaking to the BBC, the jury explains that he was “amazed at the wide range of innovative approaches to using AI to create music.” Commenting that “composing a song with AI is difficult because you have all the creative challenges of songwriting, but you also have to juggle machine learning correctly.”

It is possible that none of these songs reaches the top of the most popular, but they are a good representation of the creative level that artificial intelligence can achieve today.

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