In the end, the Xiaomi 13 Ultra might not be as expensive in Europe as we expected


About a week ago, a report appeared stating what the Xiaomi 13 Ultra would cost in Europe. Well, it may not be true and the global model costs less than initially expected. The phone has been listed by various dealers with lower prices. It appeared on Belsimpel, a Dutch distributor, and also on Gomibo. Both listings say that this is an EU variant of the device, so it’s apparently not a Chinese model. The indicated prices are: €1,299 in the Netherlands, €1,277 in Germany and €1,320 in Ireland. Weirdly all the listings say the phone will ship within 5-7 business days, it’s not listed as out of stock or anything.

Of course, that is not possible as the global variant of the phone has not been released yet. That casts doubt on the legitimacy of these ads, of course. Taking into account that the initial estimate was 1,499 euros, it is not bad. However, compared to the Chinese model, it is still much more expensive. The price of the Xiaomi 13 Ultra in China starts at CNY 5,999 (€792). Given this price difference, it may make more sense to import the phone if the global price rumors hold true.