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In search of the lost app, free apps and games for…

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Half of the first month of 2022 and we start with our compilation of free apps and games for a limited time called «In search of the lost app». Weekly space of iOSMac in a new edition. What is this about? Directly in the App Store both discounts and free apps are offered, our goal is to bring you the most interesting for free.

In search of the lost app, informing you of free apps and games in the App Store

my last cigarette

Did you make a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking? You’re in luck because this app can help you quit smoking for good. Simply enter your smoking habits and personal details. This will help you stay on track and provide real-time motivators.

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It will show you things like how much your life expectancy is increasing and how much money you are saving. My Last Cigarette also has daily tips and medical facts. Valued at €0.99 compatible with iOS, iPadOS and macOS (with M1 chip).

Up Slide Down

This app provides the perfect distraction in moments of inactivity. It features a collection of nine different sliding puzzles, each with a different theme. The overall goal is to slide the tiles in the correct order as quickly as possible.

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You can preview the required order of the tiles at any time and control the number of moves and time required at the top of the screen. App valued at 0.99 euros and is compatible with iOS, iPadOS and macOS (with M1 chip).

cRate Pro

Wow, this app is one of our favorites, since it is repeated again now in 2022. cRate Pro is an app for users who carry out transactions with different currencies around the world. Convert an amount of money from one currency to more than 160. If you need to analyze the historical behavior of one currency in relation to another, you can review all the historical charts you need.

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If you need to convert one currency to several in a single window, with cRate Pro you will be able to do it through its quick calculations.

Compatible with iOS, iPadOS and Mac (M1 chip devices only)

Free apps and games for girls and boys, Kindergarten Games

To help each animal travel through the city, your child or young family member must successfully complete a variety of math activities. Math activities range from adding and subtracting to counting and identifying geometric shapes.

The app includes a total of 8 cute animals to join and over 100 activities. It also includes professional narration and instructions, and lots of positive encouragement. App valued at 4.99 euros. Compatible with iOS, iPadOS, macOS (with M1 chip), and tvOS.

To finish the compilation of free apps and games, an extra game to develop the motor skills of the little ones

After choosing a scene, dash cutouts will begin to appear. The little one must drag and drop the pieces into place to fill each cutout. Once completed, the scene will animate and you can tap on different items and characters to see what happens.

The game includes 11 scenes to enjoy and a new playtime mode for babies. Game valued at €2.99. Compatible with iOS, iPadOS and macOS (with M1 chip).

What do you think? Remember that every weekend we will have a new compilation of free apps and games for a limited time. You will find the best current content, opinion and tutorials here on iOSMac.

Something to consider about free apps and games

At iOSMac we select the best app deals. Prices and availability may change after publication.

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