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In search of the lost app, free apps and games for…

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New weekend to start with our compilation of free apps and games for a limited time called «In search of the lost app». Weekly space of iOSMac in a new edition. What is this about? Directly in the App Store both discounts and free apps are offered, our goal is to bring you the most interesting for free.

In search of the lost app, informing you of free apps and games in the App Store

The Great Photo App

The Great Photo App will teach you the fundamentals of the art of photography through written content and interactive lessons. The app includes three main categories: Basic concepts, Light and Composition.

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The categories will cover everything from shutter speed and aperture to depth of field and lighting setups for studios. Just grab your camera and get to work. It is compatible with iOS, iPadOS and macOS (with M1 chip). App valued at €3.99.

Remember: Stickies Widget

Add a sticky note widget to your home screen with this handy app. Create custom widgets so you can remember any task, big or small. The app allows you to select the widget size, font, text color, and background color.

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You can even use emojis to add some fun to your notes. You must first open the app before you can add widgets to the home screen. App valued at 0.99 euros and is compatible with iOS, iPadOS and macOS (with M1 chip).


This app is an interactive diary where children can write about their adventures. The app allows them to draw, add photos, write and use stickers. Keeping a journal builds lifelong healthy habits and nurtures young minds.

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Kids can share diary pages with friends and family. Parents approve who is on the friends list and approve entries before they are sent. Compatible with iOS, iPadOS and macOS (with M1 chip). App valued at 1.99 euros.

Free apps and games for everyone, Font Keyboard

Font Keyboard offers you more than a dozen different ways to turn ordinary text into fancy fonts. Use the keyboard directly on social apps to get attention or just for fun.

You can even take the 100-word challenge to unlock an additional 100 fonts by writing a 100-word review. App valued at 0.99 euros. Compatible with iOS, iPadOS and macOS (M1 chip only).

To finish the compilation of free apps and games, an integrated and easy-to-use calendar app

PaperCal lets you experience the best of the classic paper calendar in all types of calendar views and orientations. You can choose from over 20 different beautifully designed themes. The app makes it easy to manage tasks and events in the same view.

PaperCal integrates with your existing calendar instantly and easily syncs your updates. You can even add widgets to your home screen. PaperCal is available for all your devices, from your iPhone and iPad to your Apple Watch. App valued at 2.99 euros.

What do you think? Remember that every weekend we will have a new compilation of free apps and games for a limited time. You will find the best current content, opinion and tutorials here on iOSMac.

Something to consider about free apps and games

At iOSMac we select the best app deals. Prices and availability may change after publication.

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