In a week, Europe will turn WhatsApp upside down and the app warns that it will serve to send us more spam

in a week europe will turn whatsapp upside down and.webp.webp.webp
in a week europe will turn whatsapp upside down and.webp.webp.webp

The date of March 6 is dangerously approaching, when the obligations imposed by the European Commission on applications designated as gatekeepers come into force. Due, WhatsApp must open its chats to third-party applications.

WhatsApp must allow other applications to send messages to their users, for example being able to write to a WhatsApp friend from Telegram. Meta engineers have been preparing third-party chats for some time now and a new information screen, revealed by WaBetaInfo, tells us that Meta believes that They will be a door for spam on WhatsApp. And they are somewhat right.

Interoperable chats = more spam

Europe wants to limit the power of applications with a large number of users, which make it almost impossible for new options to enter the market since they cannot compete with the more than 2,000 million users that WhatsApp has. Europe’s solution has been force WhatsApp to allow other apps to send messages to its usersif you wish.

WhatsApp You have until March 6 to implement this interoperabilitywhich will not be total but a first basic version that allows text messages to be sent between individual users (and not groups or calls).

We already know more or less how WhatsApp is going to implement this and it will be in a not too inspired way, in a separate folder called Third Party Chats. Now, WaBetaInfo has shown us the warning message that will appear when we open this folder for the first time.


In this message, which could change before the final launch, it includes a series of warnings that, although true, are in a way designed to scare users a little. It is indicated that when someone writes to us from outside WhatsApp, the application can use end-to-end encryption other than WhatsApp.

This should not be entirely true, as the DMA determines that “interoperability must ensure the same levels of service integrity, security and encryption offered by the gatekeeper (WhatsApp).” The third point also affects the fact that these third-party applications They have their own privacy policies and they could handle your data differently than WhatsApp does.

However, the most important thing is the second point, which indicates that the Scams and spam could be more frequent in this type of chats. The truth is that it still remains to be seen if Meta will have any type of control over which applications connect to its chats, but if not, there is the possibility that these interoperable chats will become a great tool for scammers outside the reach of WhatsApp .

It is also true that WhatsApp in itself is already an application where scams and spam it is becoming more and more abundant, so it is not clear to uswhether there will be much difference or not. We will know soon: next week this system should be operational if WhatsApp does not want to have problems in the European Union. It will then be the turn of applications such as Telegram, LINE or Signal to implement the way to chat with WhatsApp users.

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