IMPT’s Bitmart Listing Will Make Price Explode by 50x

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The investors have plenty of reasons to be happy, especially the ones who are early investors in the IMPT project. This highly successful project aims to reduce the negative effects of pollution on our planet Earth while allowing investors to earn. With the highly successful presale that ended recently and the new listings, it is obvious that this new project will achieve enormous success in the future. 

The carbon credit market is worth more than two billion, and it evidently makes sense and is attracting more and more people to participate. Most people will never even think about it, but since the awareness about climate change and the need to do something is now on a higher level, having a crypto project that wants to attract as many people as possible to join is a huge step ahead. IMPT developers have realized that the current market for carbon offsets is inefficient and susceptible to fraud. This is why they are fusing it with blockchain, which protects investors from any manipulation. 

IMPT implements a revolutionary program that helps carbon offsets by using blockchain technology and makes them transparent through decentralization. This platform allows businesses and consumers to buy, sell and retire carbon credits. Credits that are “burned” and retired can be used to reduce the carbon footprint of individuals.

Anyone can choose to retire the credits if they wish to do it, and they will be rewarded with a unique collective NFT created by an artist in return. The NFT can be traded, which will bring profit. Investors who hold onto their tokens for investment purposes will also be rewarded, which means that there are many ways for investors to increase their earnings while reducing their carbon footprint.  

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A free online shopping platform will allow IMPT users to buy millions of products from their affiliated retailers. IMPT currently has 10,000 retail partner companies. A portion of every sale made by a consumer through the IMPT app and IMPT platform at any of these partners will go to a green cause around the globe. The investors can be at ease regarding the eco-friendly projects listed on the platform since the team behind IMPT has carefully vetted each one. This means that the consumers can be sure that their money will go to the projects that truly need it. Many amazing retailers are on the list, including Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft.

Every time a user purchases a product online or in-store, a percentage of the retailer’s allocated percentage will be credited directly to their account. Users build up these credits until they accumulate enough to purchase the carbon credit of their choice. Each member of society can contribute to protecting the planet, which will help increase the score on the IMPT platform and show them just how big of an impact they are making.

The value of the IMPT token keeps going up

The potential of this project is already well recognized, and it is evident by the success of the presale that ended recently. The fact that $20 million got raised during the presale speaks volumes about its potential and the future we can expect. 

From the moment the presale ended on December 12th, the value of the IMPT token kept increasing despite the volatility of the market, which is already a clear sign that this project truly has a bright future ahead.

BitMart Listing is live

Besides successful presale, the listings are the next big thing that are very important indicators of success. Judging by the interest of the huge exchanges, it is evident that the early investors won’t need to worry about the interest dropping any time soon. IMPT tokens have been available on LBank since December 14th. The following equally important listing was on CoinGecko, which became live on December 15th. That same day, IMPT got listed on CoinMarketCap.

One more listing that will contribute to the increased demand for IMPT tokens is the BitMart listing which has been live since December 28th. The investors can now expect its value to increase even more because of the higher exposure and bigger demand for IMPT tokens in the following period, so make sure you are ready for this exciting moment for the IMPT project!

impt bitmart

>>Buy IMPT on BitMart<<< “}” data-sheets-userformat=”{“2″:1065537,”3”:{“1″:0},”9″:1,”12″:0,”17″:1,”23″:1}” data-sheets-hyperlink=””>>>>Buy IMPT on BitMart<<<


There is no doubt that the crypto market is evolving and showing people that crucial problems such as global pollution can be positively influenced by using blockchain. IMPT project shows people that they do not have to be crypto wizards or get heavily involved in protecting the environment to reduce their carbon footprint. There is a lot to look forward to with the BitMart listing, so pay close attention to all the news regarding the IMPT project. It will surely pay off for all the brave people out there who are now a part of it. If you wish to take part in it, it is not too late, so make sure you take this chance!

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