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Improving wireless signal coverage in congested spaces

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Another of the solutions that we saw at the MWC refers to how to improve coverage in areas where there are many people at the same time, such as football stadiums, subways, shopping centers and others.

It is clear that the technological advance in wireless communication has allowed greater connectivity and mobility for users. However, there are challenges in congested and hard-to-reach areas, so solutions have been developed to improve signal coverage in these places, such as combining base stations and end units.

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The company in question is Wave in, which introduced us to the technology of base station and head end unita technology that is divided into three stages:

base station: The base station focuses on the physical layer of the base station, which helps to tune the performance or send IP signals. In this stage, the signal is sent through a cable from the base station to the end point.

Final point: He head end unit It is in charge of converting the wireless signal into an optical signal, which allows a wider coverage. This conversion is necessary in areas where the radio frequency signal cannot penetrate barriers, such as concrete walls. In these cases, the optical signal allows a more effective distribution of the signal.

remote antennas: The remote antennas are in charge of distributing the optical signal. These antennas can be placed on nodes that are distributed in space to provide a stable signal even in fast-moving areas, such as on a train.

Where has this technology been implemented?

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This technology has already been successfully implemented in some places. For example, in Japan it has already been installed in subway stations, which has improved connectivity for users in these places. However, this solution has not yet been implemented in Europe.

To implement this technology in Europe, we are collaborating with two companies specialized in technology and infrastructure construction. These companies will work together to install the technology primarily in metro stations on our continent.

The company specialized in base station technology focuses on the development of the physical layer, while the company specialized in infrastructure construction focuses on the construction of signal distribution units that allow broader access to end users. .

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