Improvements in WhatsApp: you can add a new comment when forwarding images

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The popular WhatsApp instant messaging application, which is currently the most widely used worldwide, has added a new functionality that will allow its users to edit the comments on the photos, videos or any other multimedia element they want to forward. This is something that users have been demanding for some time and that, it seems, the company owned by Meta will give in a short time. Until now, when a media file was forwarded, any comment attached to it was lost. The arrival of the new function we are talking about will allow not only to keep the original comment, but also to add a new one in case users need it. A positive advance and, above all, that adds greater utility to the application. Testing has already begun on WhatsApp This innovation is already available in the beta version of WhatsApp for Android, which will allow users to delete the original comment and replace it with their own before forwarding a photo or video to another chat (since we are talking about an option that is functional). When sending photos or videos through the app, users can add a comment that provides context to the image to make something clear about it, for example. With this new feature, by pressing the “X” button in the description of a photo, video or animated GIF that is being forwarded (as seen in the image we have left), an additional option will be displayed that will allow the user to Write your own comment before sending the image to another contact, either individually or in a group. Once this is complete, the photo or video will appear in the chat along with the comment the user has written, instead of attaching the original comment. Simple and effective, there is no doubt. However, as indicated in the source of the information, it is important to note that the original comments and those that have been edited are not displayed in the same way. When you edit a photo’s description before forwarding it, the comment will appear as a second message in the chat, while the original comments appear on the same post, just below it. In this way, it will be easy to know if there has been an edition. An advance that is positive In short, this small but useful novelty is a significant improvement in the WhatsApp user experience, since it will allow users to further personalize their messages and add relevant information in the comments of the photos and videos they want to share This new feature is expected to be available to all users shortly after testing is complete on both iOS and Android. >

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