Improved multitasking: Android 14 should bring new options to the taskbar on tablets

Improved multitasking: Android 14 should bring new options to the taskbar on tablets
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Google is investing in several optimizations for tablets in Android 14 like new shortcuts for physical keyboards. Now the Android Police says that Google may bring new options to the system’s taskbar, allowing the user to choose two ways to use it.

Floating taskbar on Android 13. Image: Android Police

As we can see above, the Android 13 taskbar is floating, that is, it automatically hides after a few seconds so as not to take up space on the screen.

However, the Android 14 Beta 3 code includes new usage options for this item, allowing the user to pin the taskbar permanently to the bottom area of ​​the screen.

Fixed taskbar in Android 14 Beta 3. Image: Android Police

This taskbar mode is nothing new as it was released in Android 12L but was removed in Android 13. Now it looks like Google will finally let users choose between the two modes.

To switch, just press and hold an empty spot on the bar, which will show a new menu where the user can pin the taskbar so that it is always shown.

See a demo:

It is important to say that the feature was only mentioned in the system’s code lines, but it has not yet been enabled in Android 14 Beta 3. Thus, we hope that it will be available in future versions of the system.

The stable version of Android 14 is expected to be released in August or September 2023.

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