Improve the security of your company with Lenovo equipment with AMD Security PRO

improve the security of your company with lenovo equipment with amd security pro
improve the security of your company with lenovo equipment with amd security pro

Maintaining the security of the data with which companies work is vital for their operation and is one of the most precious assets for friends of others, who continually look for vulnerabilities both via hardware and software to bypass security restrictions and access these. Business security not only depends on the measures taken by the company, but can also be helped by the most modern technologies such as those offered by Lenovo with the range of AMD Security Pro processors available in laptops and desktop PCs.

It is useless to implement a large number of security measures in the form of passwords, biometric systems and others if the technology we use is obsolete or does not enjoy all the security functionalities that both Microsoft, AMD and Lenovo offer us to protect data and applications from any type of attack or unauthorized access.

Lenovo’s range of laptops and desktops with AMD Ryzen™ PRO 7000 Series processors work together with Microsoft Pluton™ to deliver real-time protection in Windows 11 by protecting user identity, data and applications through different layers of protection. security.

AMD Security Pro Processors

The range of latest generation AMD Ryzen™ PRO 7000 processors with Zen 4 architecture are designed to offer the best security and performance in the most demanding companies and avoid exposure to the increasingly sophisticated attacks used by hackers. This range of processors works together with the Microsoft Pluton™ security processor and Lenovo software to offer maximum security.

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Microsoft Pluton™  is integrated into the Pro range of AMD processors and works hand in hand with the Trusted Platform Module 2.0 (TPM) to offer the best security in encrypting data stored through BitLocker and protecting access to any computer through Windows Hello to ensure system integrity from the time the computer starts up to the time it shuts down.

In addition, the Ryzen™ PRO range of processors is compatible with a secure core that is responsible for protecting the equipment against firmware vulnerabilities, safeguarding the integrity of the operating system from possible attacks and preventing unauthorized access to both the equipment and the data stored on it. stored inside.

These processors also include a security processor called AMD Secure , a processor that is responsible for validating the code before executing it on the computer in order to guarantee the security of the computer and the applications, protecting the system and data from possible unauthorized access to through third-party applications.

They also feature AMD Memory Guard technology . Memory Guard from AMD is responsible for encrypting the system memory in real time, to reinforce the security of the computer at all times to prevent all the content stored in it from being able to be removed from the computer and its contents accessed.


The most advanced security at all levels

Currently enjoying the most advanced security not only requires an operating system like Windows 11 where there are all kinds of security measures to protect the computer without the user realizing it, but we must also have hardware that is capable of getting the most out of it, as is the case with Lenovo equipment with AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors.

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Protection at all levels of Lenovo computers starts with the ThinkShield  platform  that protects computers from any type of threat. The next layer is the native security that Windows 11 offers us with the TPM module, followed by memory encryption with Memory Guard from AMD and supported by Microsoft Pluton™.

Next, before accessing our data, there is the hardware protection offered by AMD Ryzen™ Pro processors and the security of the Zen 4 architecture they use. Finally, after overcoming all the layers of security that Lenovo, Windows 11 / Microsoft Pluton™ and AMD offer us, our data is found. With such a high level of protection, strangers will think twice before trying.

Computer security in a company is of utmost importance as teleworking has become an option for many companies and thanks to Microsoft, Lenovo and AMD, working from home does not pose any security problem, as long as it is supported by connections encrypted.