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Improve the battery of Apple iPhones with iOS 16: the best tricks

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It may be that since you have installed the version iOS 16 of the Apple operating system on your iPhone, autonomy does not go as expected. You should know first of all that you are not alone, as some users have complained about exactly this. The fact is that you must take action on the matter, because a bad experience in this section is not exactly a positive thing and can make you end up frustrated at times.

The reasons are not well known, but some Apple smartphones (and this especially affects generations prior to the iPhone 14), are not better when it comes to battery use. Quite the contrary. However, there are some things you can do to see if the situation is solved and, therefore, that you take advantage of the improvements that the Cupertino company indicated that it includes in the latest version of its operating system.

Tricks to improve the autonomy of iPhones with iOS 16

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Without further ado, we leave you with some tips that we believe can be of help when it comes to making your Apple phone work as it should in everything that has to do with battery consumption. Is the next:

Appropriate use of applications

Contrary to what happens in other operating systems, background apps are not a big problem for the new Apple operating system. On the contrary. They do not consume many resources in this situation, and if the development you leave is one of those you use on a regular basis, you will have an additional gain -since the execution processes are reduced and, therefore, less energy is needed for them to work properly. usual way- Consequently, do not close anything in the background that you use constantly.

Settings that are very convenient

Two are the main ones that we think it is positive that you review. The first is location access by apps. This does have a direct impact on the use of the battery in the iPhone. So, check the list of apps you have installed and which ones use location. Those who have this permission, think about whether it is worth yes or no. For example, Maps should always have it, but a game not so much.

New Apple iPhone 14

The second option that we advise you is to control the cost of the screen. Check carefully that the brightness is not excessive and, furthermore, if there is the option to use the Always-on screen, check if it does not cause a malfunction and, to achieve this, disable this function and check if it improves autonomy.

Check incompatibilities

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If you use apps that are old, you should check if they work well with iOS 16. If not, it is very possible that they end up draining the battery, since it performs actions that require more energy than necessary. Therefore, this is important and, if you find an app that complies with this, the ideal is that you try to find a substitute.

If everything we have indicated does not work, one of the things that Apple recommends is to proceed with a factory reset because the operating system may not have been installed correctly on the iPhone. This is a radical decision, and it will cause you to lose information, so do it with caution and always with a backup of your data. To do so, you must look for the option Restore in Settings.


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