Important news on Telegram [Noviembre 2022]


Telegram has just released a new update to its mobile app and it brings important news, some for all users and others only available to those who have Telegram Premium, the paid subscription service that allows access to exclusive features.

Video transcription is a feature available only to Telegram Premium users, the app’s paid subscription

-Transcription in the video messages: Telegram has added a new button that appears at the bottom right of a video message, it will be possible to activate the automatic transcription to text of the voice announcement that appears in it. An arrow appears on the button pointing to the letter A as follows:


And clicking on that button activates the transcription. This is a function that, unfortunately, will not be available to all users since it is part of Telegram Premium, the paid monthly subscription that offers different exclusive options for $4.99. In addition to the one already mentioned in the transcript, it has other benefits such as faster download speeds, the non-inclusion of advertising and an upper limit that allows you to exceed 4 Gb when sending files.

-New emoji packs: Another exclusive novelty only for Telegram Premium users is a dozen new emoji packs.

News in the free Telegram app

-Thematic groups: Those groups that have more than 200 members can create separate spaces for independent group conversations that will have their own notifications, separate from those of the main group. This is a function similar to the one that exists in Discord that allows you to generate channels for specific conversations within larger groups.

-Collectible usernames: This is a function related to NFTs or digital intangible assets that allows you to acquire usernames that can be less than five characters long and that allow you to identify channels accessible even from outside the Telegram application, from any Internet browser in which you is entered to the address of said channel.

-Night mode: One of the functions that operating systems, web and applications have progressively offered is the popular “night mode”. By using dark shades it allows for greater wearing comfort and better visual fatigue in the dark. In this case, the aesthetic redesign reaches the entire representation on the screen of colors, displacements, chats, text… adapting especially to the characteristics of iOS.

Pavel Durov, founder of Telegram, has apologized to the users of the application, arguing that the delay in making it available is due to the fact that Apple has not met the 24-hour deadline it announces for the review of applications and updateshaving taken between seven and 10 days on other occasions, with previous cases where updates have taken weeks to be available for download from the App Store.

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