Images show Material You theme applied on ChromeOS operating system

Images show Material You theme applied on ChromeOS operating system

Images released this week show that Google is expanding the Material You theme to more of the company’s software beyond Android, this time bringing the custom theme to ChromeOS. This function uses the color palette of the wallpaper of the device to compose the apps and system interface.

According to information, the Chomebook’s Google Play has been updated to support the company’s custom color tool, however, not all areas of the software have received support for this function. As it turns out, the library, settings, and other sections haven’t been fully optimized yet.

According to Kent Duke, the Reddit user who broke the news, Material You on ChromeOS is enabled from a newly released internal flag for the Canary channel. He explains that when activating this visual feature, several areas of the SystemUI are changed based on the background wallpaper.

Google hasn’t revealed details on when Material You for Chromebooks will be available for everyone, but considering the update history it’s likely to happen later this year.

Material You on Chromebook. (Image: Playback).

As reported last Monday (14) by the AllCellularthe test version of the Chrome browser made integration with the Material You mode available to developers enrolled in the Canary program, however, instead of using the color palette of the PC’s wallpaper, it is based on the browser’s background.

Although it is not yet available in the stable version, the developer is expected to release this news to everyone through the stable channel soon – there is still no prediction of when this should happen.

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