Illustrated children’s stories created with Artificial Intelligence

When my girls were little we used to play story making game. They said three animals, and I had two minutes to create a story with them.

From there was born the baby lion who wanted to have a beard, the giraffe who lost his spots while running, the hippopotamus who painted animal spots in the jungle… dozens of characters that we still fondly remember today, more than ten years later.

Some say that I should write those stories, but the fact is that I have never really wanted to. I create them very easily, they don’t need to be complex, and I forget them almost as quickly as I create them.

The fact is that now I have competition: an Artificial Intelligence that creates children’s stories in seconds, and also illustrates them with tools like those that go from text to images.

It is available on, and they can be started for free, albeit in a limited way.

Their business model is simple: you pay a monthly fee to have access to several stories, all of them with the corresponding drawings, as can be seen in the examples on their home page.

The 9 euros per month plan entitles you to 10 stories with your illustrations, making it possible to redo any story, create series, save, share and consult them from mobiles and tablets.

It is true that in this way we have access to a good number of “children’s books”, but the magic of what we want to tell is also lost a bit.

If our son is afraid of lizards, nothing like a series of funny stories about the animal, and if there are bullying problems at school, then let’s deal with it in the night story.

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I still think that stories created by parents are irreplaceable, but AI is growing so much in many sectors, it is very possible that soon it will far surpass us when it comes to creating simple stories.