IKEA will allow you to measure the air quality in your home with its new connected sensor

The connected homes they are unstoppable. It is true that they are taking longer to establish themselves than expected, but the market has not helped much either. But things are now changing with technologies like Matter or the bet that stores like IKEA make for it that manage to universalize each product that they put on their shelves. Soon you will have a new one called VINDSTYRKA and it will be of great help.

Information has been released regarding this accessory that the northern European company is preparing and that indicates that it will be a device that It will allow you to measure the quality of the air in your home.. This is increasingly important for users, especially those who have a stove at home. Obviously, we are talking about a connected device that can be controlled and configured very easily.

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Options that this IKEA product will offer

With this accessory it will be possible to control the quality of the air in a very precise way, since it can measure parameters such as temperature, PM2.5 particle content and, of course, also options such as humidity and VOC (or VOC that allows to know the volatile organic compounds that exist in the environment). Without being crazy, it is more than enough for home users to know if they have to take action on the matter.

One of the good news about this new IKEA product is the possibility of combine it with the purifiers that the company already has in its stores, such as the STARKVIND. In this way, and using wireless technology, if low levels are reached and need to be improved, this equipment can be used automatically. They even offer compatibility with the Digera Hub to connect it with other accessories that are in the house and even generate different routines so that everything can be automated.

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An imminent arrival in stores

Without officially knowing any details about it, it must be said that it has been known that these new accessories can be purchased in some company stores in Europe, since there are users who have shared it on the networks ( an example is Germany with a price of 40 euros). Therefore, it is a matter of a few weeks -at most- that the same thing happens in Spain. Finally, it must be said that this IKEA VINDSTYRKA uses a usb type c cablewhich gives it excellent compatibility.