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IKEA launches new blinds that you can control with your mobile

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For some time the store IKEA It is committed to offering products that offer connectivity to be able to bring to homes, what is known as home automation so that the use of different products can be achieved in a very simple way. Well, the sale of some new blinds that you can use with your mobile has been known.

The name of the two models is, as always, difficult to pronounce… but the most striking: Praktlysing and Tredansen. And, unlike other occasions with IKEA’s connected products, they have been put up for sale in Spain from the first moment. And this is excellent news. Some details that both products share is that they have a width of 120 or 140 centimeters and that the length is 195cm. Something that differentiates them is the colors, since the first is white and the second is darker so as not to let light through in any way.

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One of the positive things about these blinds is that they include a wireless receiver in the upper area that allows the use of a remote control to raise and lower them, which is something fantastic so that the comfort when using them is as great as possible. And, this, is what additionally allows you to connect the product to a phone… but not directly, since you have to use a additional element which is sold in the store itself.

How these blinds are used with the mobile

What you have to buy additionally is the hub called TRÅDFRI which is an accessory that allows you to use all the products to create a connected house. The element we are talking about allows you to carry out all kinds of actions with the blinds from your mobile and even adds compatibility with the most common standards today in what has to do with voice assistants: HomeKit, Alexa, or Google Home. This is excellent news that will surely catch the attention of many who do not want to have to go to the window to handle the new IKEA models.


A very competitive price

One of the very good details that these new blinds have is that they have a very attractive price, since the smallest model remains at 129 euros, while the largest reaches €139. Therefore, they are quite affordable and it should not be forgotten that they can be obtained from home on the store’s own website.

The truth is that the new Praktlysing and Tredansen can become an excellent way of bringing home automation to homes, since they are quite cheap and, in addition, they offer a fairly simple installation process (but, as always in IKEA, it has to be done by the buyer).

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