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IKEA announces a new Bluetooth speaker ideal for use in the shower

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Good news, IKEA has just announced the arrival to its range of products of Wireless speakers of a new device that is very different from the rest of those that could be obtained in its stores to date. It belongs to the Vappeby line and among its virtues is having small dimensions and advanced and curious options.

With a square shape, this product has sides of seven centimeters with a thickness of just five. This ensures that transporting it is very comfortable, and that you can also place it practically anywhere (from a table to a jacket pocket). By the way, it is prepared to withstand a lot, since, among other things, its silicone finish cushions any possible impacts that may be suffered.

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In addition, it has another great virtue: it offers compatibility with the IP67 standard, which ensures that neither water nor dust affect it in the least. In the first case, which is the most striking, it must be said that the new IKEA speaker from the Vappeby range is capable of hold submerged up to 30 minutes. Therefore, you can use it in the bathtub and even as a companion in the pool. And, all this, in dimensions that, as we have said, are almost ridiculous.


Other features of this new IKEA speaker

On the one hand, it should be noted that its autonomy is excellent, since with one charge of its battery it is possible enjoy music up to 80 hours (provided that half of its volume is not exceeded, as indicated by the manufacturer itself). On the other hand, it must be said that it uses the standard Bluetooth 5.0 to communicate with sound sources, so you won’t have any problems with phones, tablets and even computers. In this way, it is possible to say of this Vappeby that it can be used with any device you have at home.

The sound, taking into account the dimensions of the speaker, is quite good because we are talking about a power of five watts, which is not outrageous, but more than what can be expected from this Vappeby. The good thing is that it is possible pair a second speaker to achieve stereo sound, which is an excellent touch for those who want to go a little further when it comes to the definition they enjoy with music.


Price and availability of this Vappeby

Well, it will go on sale worldwide in April, and the statement published by IKEA itself indicates that it will be available in black, red and yellow. In what has to do with the price, this will be 15 dollars, being sure that the direct change will be made to euros. The truth is that everything is quite well thought out.

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