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Ikea and Sonos introduce new SYMFONISK speaker with customizable design

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Related information was leaked in mid-September about a new speaker that the furniture giant would launch in collaboration with Sonos. Now, IKEA has just officially announced its second generation of SYMFONISK speaker lamps.

Say that this model stands out for offering a Customizable design with which you can change the screen to give it a different touch. And, the fact that it hides the best Sonos technology ensures that the new SYMFONISK lamp from IKEA sound better than ever.

A customizable SYMFONISK speaker lamp

As IKEA has indicated through a press release, this new SYMFONISK speaker lamp was born fruit of collaboration with Sonos, one of the great references in the sound sector. And if one takes into account that the previous model received very good reviews from the specialized press due to the excellent acoustic landscape it offered, we can expect that this new model will do well in this section.

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On an aesthetic level we see some notable changes. to get started, the touch controls are no longer on the base, rather, they have become in the structure of the lamp. In addition, you will have different models to give it a different touch.

All thanks to interchangeable screens, available in clear or opaque white or black glass, in addition to the traditional fabric shade in the same colors. A first step that allows you to enjoy a different look and that makes it clear that the next generation of SYMFONISK speaker lamps from IKEA and Sonos will be even more customizable.

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As Stjepan Begic Product Manager at IKEA Sweden points out, “Since we launched the first SYMFONISK table lamp speaker, we have learned a lot about how and where they are used. For example, many people use the speaker lamp on a nightstand. night, which led us to create a new slightly smaller lamp base. We now also offer customers more design options, making the lamp speaker more suitable for their homes. “By integrating a speaker into a table lamp, we can save space, reduce clutter and create an atmosphere with light and sound. “

As you can see, there are some changes in the design of this model, in addition to admitting a wider range of bulbs thanks to the incorporation of the E26 / E27 socket, to become an excellent option to consider if you want a speaker that fits in with your living room.

In addition, “with its smaller size and variety of design options, the new speaker in the SYMFONISK table lamp provides a broader, room-filling sound, creating a great listening experience regardless of where it is placed in the home. . “

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With respect to price and release date of this new IKEA SYMFONISK speaker and Sonos, is expected to arrive in the United States and Europe in October at a price of around 150 euros per lamp, in addition to being able to buy glass shades for 49 euros, or fabric for 39 euros.


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