iFixit Takes Apart Mac Pro 2023 and Shows It Can’t Upgrade RAM

iFixit Takes Apart Mac Pro 2023 and Shows It Can't Upgrade RAM
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O iFixit solved disassemble the new mac pro, just like it did with the 2019 version of Apple’s computer. In this way, in addition to several details and some similarities, it was clear that the device does not allow the user to upgrade the machine in this new generation.

The disassembly was posted on video on the team’s channel, which over almost 4 minutes showed various aspects of the internal components of the new apple product. In this sense, it was possible to notice that the company uses the same cooling solution implemented in the generation with Intel processor.

This may suggest that the company is reusing parts to use up excess parts inventory. Likewise, the company continues with a huge motherboard, the total opposite of what was seen with the disassembly of the 15-inch MacBook Air, for example, even though they are very different products.

It is worth mentioning that it is not possible to upgrade the RAM memory, which makes it necessary to buy a variant with greater capacity in this regard when purchasing the Mac Pro from Apple. Otherwise, the user will have a certain headache, especially in the long term, with the use of the device.

At the end of production, iFixit did not even give a repairability rating for the Mac Pro and ended the video with a good-natured attempt to grate cheese with the device’s carcass. Finally, also check out the disassembly of the MacBook Pro with M2 chip made by the team.

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