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iFixit already has spare parts for the Steam Deck

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One thing we’ve known since shortly after the Steam Deck announcement is that armed with the right tools,would it be possible to make changes to it without having to go through the technical service. Valve has promoted this, as the company did not hesitate to show the interior and composition of the console. Thus, what started with the confirmation that the SSD could be changed, has already reached the point where a user published, a few weeks ago, how he had connected a Radeon RX 6900 XT to his Steam Deck.

There is no doubt, therefore, that we are talking about a device that is highly recommended for DIY lovers, something that has also been certified by ifixit, which is always a guarantee. And so much so, that the popular and veteran service, which for many years has taken apart each new technological device to show us its guts and tell us how simple or complex it is to make modifications and repairs to them, now offers all kinds of replacement parts for the Steam Deckboth in its American store and in its European one.

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From a membrane for one of the controls to the screen, the list of references is enormous, to the point that it seems that we could even build a Steam Deck, or a clone of it but with some modifications, based on said catalog. However, and as you may have already imagined, the cost of doing so would exceed, and not by a little, that of buying the complete console. However, for those who have to carry out a repair, being able to acquire the spare parts and use the guides published by iFixit is a great advantage.

Steam Deck already has spare parts in iFixit - MuyComputer.com

The bad news is that, from what we can verify, it seems that iFixit’s forecasts have been below reality, and that is that bMany of the pieces are currently not available, as all stock has been exhausted with which the sale was opened. This situation is temporary, yes, as we can read in The Verge, where the CEO of iFixit has confirmed that they are working with their supply chain to replenish stock and adapt to the volume of demand.

Be that as it may, and at a time when regulators have to act to regain the right to repair, that the Steam Deck has been consciously designed to allow this type of operation on the part of its users, is something that undoubtedly deserves to be highlighted.

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